Real Estate Brokerage

828 Real Estate Investment Group is a full service real estate firm that specializes in Sales, Purchases, and Rentals of properties in New York City. Our licensed agents are invested in addressing the needs of both buyers and sellers from all ends of the market.

The creation of this brokerage is to service 828 Capital Group in Buying, Selling & Leasing acquisitions. 828REIG also obtains business from outside networks and platforms.  We perform in depth market analysis by neighborhood of every borough in New York City for a fee. In house photography, interior designing, and virtual staging.

Reasons why we are different? 828REIG are part of 828 Property Group. Company’s underneath 828 Property Group includes:

  • Capital Group
  • Property Acquisition
  • Marketing Advisory
  • Renovation Team
  • Furniture & Staging Service
  • Real Estate Brokerage

828 Real Estate Investment Group Agents pride ourselves with excellent customer service. From buying and selling your home to high quality home renovation. We provide service beyond the call of duty. Minimizing the time and provide the best  solution to your problem. Your smile is our motivation to work harder.

With our extensive network connection, any problems will be solve. Working with us isn’t just a one time experience. We take every client relationships to a deeper personal level to have a better understanding of your needs as well as operating in your best interest.