For first time home owners and investors, managing your property well when issues come up is a daunting and challenging proposition.  Our advisory team uses our experience in the industry to provide a helping hand for all your real estate needs.

828 Advisory provides comprehensive consulting services in connection with residential and commercial real estate investment, transactions, asset management, portfolio management and optimization.

Vacancy coordination and dealing with problematic tenants is one of the most challenging aspects of being a landlord.  We help with evictions, cash for keys services, securing the property and re-keying a property.

Property management is another aspect of our advisory services that helps landlords optimize their properties.  We are able to set up rent collection, coordinate winterization, deal with violations, handle sanitation, taxes, utilities, insurance, title and lien resolution and coordinate with HOA when required. 

With our commercial clients, we also serve as an advisory counsel to help then with all aspects of their business.  From setting up corporate structure, to lease negotiations, to branding and marketing, our advisory team helps connect you with all the services a business needs to be successful.