Real Estate Funds

828 Capital Group has different investment funds, with different targets, to meet different needs.

Why invest in Real Estate Funds with 828 Capital Group?

Higher Returns:  Most actively managed funds are unable to beat the S&P 500 consistently year in and year out.  Funds often pick companies that perform well in the short term but they are inevitably subject to market forces and rarely provide continued success.  The Real Estate industry however continues to grow every year, providing continuous growth you can count on.

Diversified Investment:  Stocks and mutual funds are subject to market forces.  The stock market has a cyclical nature to it and as markets go up and down, your investments will go up and down.  While the real estate market is certainly not immune to these market forces, it does help insulate you from the volatility you see in the stock market.

Unique Approach:  Our approach is to target distressed properties

Investor success: higher than average yields, high returns.
Unparalleled performance: Nearly 30 consecutive years of annual growth.
Steady in a crisis: where others see problems, we see opportunity.

What We Do

Private Mortgage Investment Funds: Stonecrest has lent more than $1 Billion over three decades and has managed to provide steady returns to investors. Our Success Formula:

  • Think Long Term – emphasize preservation of capital over short-term gains.
  • Lend Wisely – focus on income producing properties and stay diversified.

Distressed Real Estate Investment Funds: with uninterrupted annual growth every year since our inception in 1986, Stonecrest is a proven market leader.  Our Success Formula:

  • Disciplined acquisition – we buy real estate assets at a steep discount.
  • A broad network of hedge funds, banks, auction houses and loan servicers provide a steady stream of inventory.
  • Proactive approach – even in times of crisis, we look for opportunity and capitalize on it.